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The Skelly Agency Difference

Skelly Agency is a real estate brokerage, representing clients in the purchase and sale of real estate. We also provide additional services to our clients through our competitive advantages: Seller Financing and Make-Ready Services.

At Skelly Agency, we are truly different from the crowded marketplace of real estate agents. Our founder, Sean Skellenger, is a licensed CPA in the state of Texas and has a background in finance, construction, and real estate. The unique mix of experience allows Skelly Agency to offer a distinctive strategy over other real estate brokerages.

As the real estate market evolves, we adjust our strategies to ensure our clients have the best representation. In the current market, the high interest rates have slowed the number of transactions. Buyers are resistant to borrow at high interest rates and sellers are no longer receiving top dollar for their homes. We believe our current competitive advantages serve our client’s best interests for their next real estate transaction.

We are the only brokerage that offers Seller Financing and Make-Ready Services, separating us from other real estate brokerages.

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Specialized Agents

From the moment you do your first walk-through to the moment you get your keys, our team of experts is diligent and ready to help you find your next home or sell your current one, The team is filled with intelligent, forward thinking individuals, who can master our advanced strategies. Our team offers a variety of backgrounds and experiences, all specialized in real estate transactions, seller financing, and make-ready services.

Our team is supported by an operating and marketing team in order to have all necessary tools and resources to go above and beyond for you.

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Giving Back

We’re not in it for a quick buck, and we don’t see you as just another number.

We are focused on our local communities, and we put our money where our mouth is. We give 10% of all profits to the SAFE alliance. We believe that everyone deserves a happy home and that together, we can stop abuse for everyone.

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