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Buying to save money for your pocket

Real Estate Buyers

The decision to buy a home is a big one, with many questions, factors and considerations along the way. Having a team of experts at your side facilitates the best decision for you and your family.

Tax Advantages

Your expert real estate agent will educate you on tax savings opportunities. Whether you are buying an investment or homestead, Skelly Agency understands the tax implications and how to keep more money in your pocket!

Buyer's Benefit To Seller Financing

Seller Financing can save you $100,000s in interest over the life of your loan. There are other benefits as a buyer in a Seller Financing arrangement.

Make-Ready Service

A Make-Ready Service is a small home renovation completed after you purchase your home. As a client represented by Skelly Agency, we offer you discounted construction services following your new home purchase. Sit back as our team manages and executes a minor home renovation and puts more money in your pocket!

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Due Diligence Benefits

With Skelly Agency’s construction background, you will benefit from our subcontractor contacts and an understanding of construction pricing.

During the due diligence period of your home sale, we will have an inspection of the home. The inspection details deficiencies of the home. We will use these deficiencies to understand the property from “behind the walls.” We are able to communicate what deficiencies are important, and provide a licensed subcontractor at below market cost to complete the work. Through our construction background, Skelly Agency will put more money in your pocket!



Meet with our team for your Buyer Consultation to establish a relationship and prioritize your home's checklist.

Pre-Approval Or Seller Financing

Obtain financing pre-approval from a preferred lender.

View Homes

View homes that match your criteria and evaluate preferred homes.

Purchase Agreement

Prepare and understand the Purchase Agreement. Submit the offer and negotiate the deal.

Option Period

Send in local construction experts to look "behind the walls." Receive a report of the findings and understand the condition of the home and related costs.

Make-Ready Services

Discuss the discounted construction costs with our Make-Ready Service. Skelly Agency will transform the home into your ideal home through a minor renovation after closing.

Exit Option Period

Exit Option Period after a complete understanding of the home from "behind the walls." Negotiate contract price based on findings.

Welcome Home!

Close on your home, perform the Make-Ready Service, then Move-in!

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