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Real Estate Sellers

Whether your home is your largest financial asset or not, it is often a place that holds many memories for you. Selling it is a big decision and a process that we take very seriously.

Tax Advantage

Your expert real estate agent will educate you on tax savings opportunities. Whether you are selling an investment or homestead, Skelly Agency understands the tax implications and how to keep more money in your pocket!

Seller Financing

Do you have a mortgage balance less than $120,000? If so, you should learn about the benefits of Seller Financing.

Learn how Seller Financing can put $100,000s in your pocket when compared to Traditional Financing.

Make-Ready Service

A Make-Ready Service is a small home renovation designed to increase your home’s listing price before it hits the market. Sit back as our Skelly Agency team manages and executes a minor home renovation and puts more money in your pocket!

Due Diligence Benefits

With Skelly Agency’s construction background, you will benefit from our subcontractor contacts and an understanding of construction pricing.

During the due diligence period of your home sale, the potential buyer will have an inspection of the home. The inspection details deficiencies of the home. The buyer will use these deficiencies to deduct the sales price of your home. We are able to cut through the deficiencies and inaccurate pricing in order to put more money in your pocket.



Meet with our team for a complimentary consultation and walk through your property.


Evaluate your home as to the benefits of our Make-Ready Service.

Selling Strategy

Discuss our selling strategy and Listing Agreement. The selling strategy includes the cost benefit analysis of our Make-Ready Service.

Attention To Detail

Coordinate the construction of our Make-Ready Service so your home demands the highest price.

Complimentary Services

Enjoy the Complimentary Cleaning Service and Photography.


List your home on the market. This can be on the Multiple Listing Service or privately on a luxury network.


Negotiate the deal. We will walk you through the diligence process and further negotiations so we keep more money in your pocket.


And just like that – your home is sold!

Home Valuation