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Seller Financing

Skelly Agency is focused on creating more transactions through our seller financing opportunities. In the current interest rate atmosphere, our housing market has slowed significantly. We believe by bringing flexible financing to a willing buyer and seller, we will open new opportunities in the market.


Skelly Agency is excited to be the leader in Seller Financing.


Seller Financing is a flexible financing option that allows the Seller to become the Bank. Seller Financing is a win-win situation for the Buyer and Seller as it offers more benefits to each party than Traditional Financing.

How Does Seller Financing Benefit You?

Do you want to sell your home and earn 50% more from Seller Financing than Traditional Financing?

Are you interested in saving $100,000s on your next real estate purchase by locking in a "lower than market" interest rate?

Seller Financing FAQs

Is the Seller Financing process the same as the Traditional Financing process?

Yes, the process is the same. With Seller Financing, you are not waiting on the bank to approve the Buyer so transactions are closed faster when compared to Traditional Financing.

How does the Seller Financing paperwork compare to Traditional Financing?

The paperwork is similar. Skelly Agency’s legal team created custom paperwork for Seller Financing. We add this paperwork to the Promulgated Texas Association of Realtors’ contract.

In a Seller Financing transaction, is title insurance provided?

A title company is involved in a Seller Financing transaction, similar to Traditional Financing. Verification of title and title insurance is important in Seller Financing as well.

Should I rent or Seller Finance?

With Seller Financing, you lock in a long term income stream without the need to be a property manager or find a new tenants every year. Also, the income from Seller Financing will outweigh the rent from renting to a tenant.

Is Seller Financing legal?

Yes, seller financing is legal. However, there are limitations and guidelines that must be followed. Skelly Agency will guide you through those regulations so your Seller Financing transaction is legal.

What happens if the Buyer does not pay the mortgage?

The Mortgage Deed will outline the consequences of a Buyer not paying the Promissory Note. In summary, the Seller has options. The Seller can take back the property through Foreclosure and not return the money received to date. Or the Seller can work with the Buyer through a Loan Modification. Skelly Agency will guide you through this process when needed.

Does a Seller pay Capital Gains tax with Seller Financing?

No, the Seller will not pay capital gains tax on the sale of their home to the Buyer.

Is it true that a Seller will collect more money from the transaction than with Traditional Financing?

Yes! In fact, the Seller will collect over 50% more money on a Seller Financing transaction than a Traditional Financing transaction!

Is it true that a Buyer could receive a loan UNDER the current market interest rates?

Yes! The interest rate is not tied to the federal benchmark rate.

How does a Seller collect the monthly payments?

Skelly Agency will teach you how to set up the collections and will refer a service vendor. This will benefit your privacy, money, and tax bill at the end of the year.

What is the catch to Seller Financing?

In Seller Financing, the catch is that the Seller does not receive the lump sum of cash at closing. Instead, the Seller receives monthly payments over the next 180 months or 15 years. Spreading the income over time, eliminates your Capital Gains tax owed to the IRS.

5 years from now, can I collect the outstanding principal on the loan?

Yes! Skelly Agency is connected to the mortgage brokerage industry. We will assist in the sale of your loan if you need additional funds in the future.