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We here at Skelly Agency wish you a wonderful holiday season! You may be wondering how the real estate market historically mixes with the holidays? The chart below displays Austin’s seasonality in the real estate market over the past 10 years.

As indicated by this chart, the number of homes sold during the cold months traditionally does dip lower than the warm/scorching hot months.  This indicates that seasonality exists even in the Austin real estate market, which does pretty well year round.

The back half of 2022 has been more difficult for the Austin real estate market. In addition to natural seasonal trends, Austin is also coming off of the lowest # of homes sold in October 2022 of 687.  This indicates a slowing down has definitely come to the real estate market in Austin. If the market falls due to the holiday months like it has in years before, we might expect the number of homes sold to drop even further.

If you are looking to sell in the new year, Skelly Agency can help you evaluate the right time to list and the right sales price for your home. We watch the market trends very carefully and make it our job to advise you the best way to maximize your real estate transaction. We are also experts in seller financing, which can help both a buyer and a seller save thousands on their next real estate transaction.

For more information about selling with Skelly, click here.  Enjoy your holiday season!

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